Which foods contain a lot of calcium?

Calcium rich foods include milk, yogurt and cheese. Hard cheese, mozzarella and low-fat drinking milk are particularly high in calcium. Already a glass of milk and two slices of Emmentaler cheese cover the normal daily Calcium requirement (1000 mg).

Other calcium-rich foods are:

  • fresh green vegetables (such as rocket, broccoli and fennel)
  • fruit
  • Cereal products (exception: white bread).

More tips:

  • By choosing a calcium-rich mineral water, you can easily add valuable mineral to the body. Therefore, you should consider the calcium content when purchasing: If you prefer a product with a calcium content of at least 300 mg calcium per liter, but with as little sodium as possible (less than 50 mg).
  • Calcium-fortified fruit juices provide a tasty way to absorb calcium, especially for people who dislike or disapprove of milk and dairy products. If a juice is enriched with vitamin C and / or vitamin D, this increases the calcium intake of the body additionally.
  • People with lactose intolerance have a slightly higher risk of osteoporosis because they can not tolerate dairy products and thus tend to eat less calcium. For these products are suitable such as kefir or buttermilk.
  • Important: The body needs vitamin D to better absorb calcium from the gut into the body. Therefore, calcium supplements for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis contain calcium as well as vitamin D. However, in case of doubt, a healthy diet is always preferable to calcium tablets.
  • Not only calcium and vitamin D, the many other vital substances are important. But many people find it difficult to eat a balanced and balanced diet. We recommend a special one in this contextHealth juicewhose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. One spoon per day covers all important nutrients, one bottle is sufficient for about 50 days.

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Authors: Anna Haugg & Dr. med. Jörg Zorn

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