What is the role of estrogen in the female body?

Estrogens are involved in a number of functions in the female body. The effects of these female sex hormones include:

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  • Growth of the breast
  • Structure of the uterine lining after the menstrual period
  • Muscle growth in the uterus
  • Opening the cervix before ovulation
  • Slime formation in the cervix
  • Strengthening of subcutaneous fatty tissue
  • Suppleness of the female sex organs
  • Strengthening the bone tissue
  • Emergence of the "female" voice


Woman - Menopause - EstrogenThe fact that one speaks of the estrogens in the majority in the majority, is that there are several variants in the body, depending on the stage of development of the hormone is currently.

The majority of estrogens are produced in the ovaries, a small part in the adrenal glands (men also produce some estrogen).

How much of the hormone is being released, regulates the pituitary gland in the brain.

Estrogen is used for reproduction - but also has additional tasks

The most important biological function of estrogen is reproduction: the hormone is responsible for the development of the egg cell during the years of fertility. Month after month, estrogen becomes more active, especially after menstruation to ovulation, to ensure that an egg arrives at the sensitive stage. However, as you can see above, estrogen also has many other tasks. Among other things, the hormone strengthens the bones, strengthens the immune system and - what many do not even know - even increases the hearing.

To achieve all these effects, estrogen in the target organs (for example, the cells of the ovaries) is transported directly to the nucleus. So the power center of the cell. There, the hormone then tells the cell DNA and cell RNA what to do, what proteins to make, and do as instructed.

Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn