So important are vital substances during menopause

Vital substances - vegetable micronutrients

Various studies have shown that certain vital nutrients, in addition to their overall health benefits, can also relieve the typical menopausal symptoms. In the following article, we will explain this in more detail.

Vital substances against hot flashes and Co.

It has been shown that folic acid and specific phytochemicals (isoflavones) can reduce hot flashes. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and various B vitamins, on the other hand, are effective natural antagonists of fatigue, hormone-induced headache and mood lability.

Deficiency due to hormone replacement

Who is due to serious complaints fora conventional medical hormone replacement therapy It should also provide its body with zinc, Magnesium and other specific vitamins. The reason: The estrogen-containing preparations lead to various deficiency symptoms and these should be compensated for the protection of health by supplying the appropriate nutrients necessarily.

Antioxidants help fight cancer

An adequate supply of the body with so-called antioxidants is also important for the cancer defense. Thus, according to scientists, vitamin C, carotenoids and other phytochemicals can help to reduce the potential risk of breast cancer.

Stable bones are the alpha and omega

An important topic is also the bone health! Due to the estrogen decline it comes after the menopause increasingly bone loss, which Osteoporosis and fractures can result. To prevent this, experts advise long time to a Calcium vitamin D intake. In addition, as more and more complex bone metabolism is explored, the supply of other essential cofactors is recommended, including: Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Manganese, Magnesium and Copper. A well-balanced multivitamin supplement with minerals and trace elements around and especially after the menopause can significantly contribute to the strength of the bone substance.

Also cardiovascular is now the topic

Last but not least: Due to the decline in female sex hormones, you also largely lose the typical "estrogen protection" during menopause. In other words, your cardiovascular system is approaching the men's risk of heart attack, atherosclerosis and the like. Here, in addition to general health care (proper nutrition, sports, smoking waiver ...) help the vital substance therapy: Physically well utilizable isoflavones reduce the latest findings, the blood lipid levels and contribute in conjunction with certain Vitamins and minerals an important part of heart health.

our recommendation

Vital substances can cause no miracles with strong climacteric complaints. However, recent studies show that the optimal combination of several such trace elements can certainly bring a noticeable relief of typical menopausal symptoms. And vital substances also play an important role in maintaining the health of the heart and bones as well as the general immune system - especially around the climacteric.

However, nutrition alone can often not provide more needed nutrients. Also, many vitamins and minerals from foods or substitutes are not absorbed enough by the body. Against this background and because of the convincing study results, we have been recommending a special one for yearsHealth juice. The consists of 70 fruit, vegetable and herbal ingredients, its effect has been scientifically proven. One spoon per day is enough to provide enough nutrients. So a bottle is enough for about 50 days. And what many will be particularly pleased: The juice minimizes any craving for eating!

Dr. med. Monika Steiner