Rhubarb root against menopausal symptoms

Menopausal complaints - Siberian rhubarb rootHere are questions and answers for the treatment of menopausal complaints with the medicinal plant rhubarb root.

The compilation of the information was supported by the manufacturer of the herbal medicinal product (Dr. Loges).

The texts come exclusively from our team of doctors and correspond to our convictions.

  • Worth knowing about the menopause (8 contributions)

    When do menopause usually start? Can you influence that? These and similar questions are discussed in this chapter.

  • Menopause: Female hormones and medicinal plants (8 contributions)

    Herbal supplements or hormones? What helps as against menopausal symptoms? More in this chapter.

  • Rhubarb root against menopausal symptoms (6 contributions)

    How does Siberian rhubarb root counteract menopausal symptoms? What is special about this medicinal plant? More in this chapter.

  • Femi-loges (11 entries)

    How does Femi-loges counter menopausal symptoms? Which effects are proven, are there side effects? More in this chapter.