Does rhubarb help against menopausal symptoms?

Rhubarb itself not, but its root. It contains so-called stilbenes. These are estrogen-like substances, which are mainly contained in the roots of a certain Siberian rhubarb species. In the native rhubarb, too, but in a much lower concentration.

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Siberian rhubarb root, also known as rhapontic rhubarb root, is sold in pharmacies under the name femi-loges® offered. The extract contained in it was able to prove in a controlled study its effect especially against hot flashes and sweats (with 4 mg daily). The remedy worked in the same study (which, however, was manageable size and length) against sleep disorders and depressive moods during menopause. But because of the estrogen-like effect that is quite conceivable.

But if you think you can get rid of the hot flashes with rhubarb cake, you're wrong. For the traditional rhubarb cake or rhubarb compote, the stems are used, not the roots.

Author:Dr. med. Jörg Zorn


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