Does the rhubarb root during menopause work just as well as hormones?

Rhubarb root extracts seem to work just as well against certain menopausal symptoms as low-dose hormone therapy. Symptoms such as hot flashes and sweats, sleep disorders, depressive mood and anxiety can be significantly alleviated. In any case, studies on the special extract ERr731® close, which consists essentially of the Rhapontik rhubarb root.

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Effect hormone-like, risk potential not

The responsible ingredients of rhubarb root are chemically referred to as hydroxystilbene. They are not true hormones and only bind to a specific type of estrogen receptor without altering hormone levels in the human body. This requires on the one hand the effectiveness against menopausal complaints. But also the big advantage of good compatibility and safety. The known risks of hormone therapy in terms of heart attack, stroke and carcinogenesis are not to be feared in the rhubarb root.

Author: Dr. med. Jörg Zorn


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